your destiny and scientific hand amalysis BY yaschpaule (9788120813472)


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In your destiny and scientific hand analysis, Yaschpaule analyses and discusses the relationship between the lines on the hand and their possible significance in a person’s life. The author explains to the reader what the lines and marks on his palms may tell him about the subject. He does not predict miracles or disasters in this book.Educators and researchers throughout their careers, the authors received their education from India and the USA. Born in India, they have lived in North America since 1971. Both currently work at Creighton University, a Jesuit institution founded in 1878, with a combined tenure of almost 40 years. Deeply spiritual and ethically grounded, the authors are thought leaders in spirituality, especially in the context of Eastern metaphysics. Vegetarians by choice, they practice meditation and regular fasting. Finding SOUL is a result of their lifelong pursuits in reading, reflection, ad experiential understanding of soulful life, and how to achieve lasting happiness. Together, they offer spirituality workshops to diverse groups. – Dr. Prafulla Raval and Dr. Vasant Raval Description: The book discusses four stages of transition titled Perceive, Pick up, Prepare, and Proceed. First, it looks at the current state of things to decipher why people continue to remain unhappy throughout their life (Perceive). Second, it helps the reader comprehend-or Pick up – the wisdom of the ages; the so-called lenses that will help gain a new perspective on one’s unhappiness and do something about it. Third, it assists the reader in order to Prepare, that is, examine life and work in the context of karma, to help make the change, to lead oneself to the right path to lasting happiness. Issues and challenges of work-life balance are also addressed in this stage. The final stage is to Proceed, that is, begin one’s journey to effect change using the newly-found compass to achieve lasting happiness. End-of-chapter Karmic Cues provide exercises to gain personal insights in the book’s message.

Author: yaschpaul
Publisher: yaschpaul
ISBN-13: 9.78812E+12
Language: ENGLISH
No. Of Pages: 438
Country of Origin: INDIA

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