Computer Fundamentals and Programming in C By Anita Goel (9789332519343)


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This practical and example-driven book puts students on a firm footing in computer fundamentals and the basics of C Programming. Computer Fundamentals and Programming in C, with its abounding, extensive chapter-end questions and unique pedagogy, is structured to address the challenges faced by novice as well as amateur programmers. Assuming no prior knowledge of programming languages, the book presents the reader with a rich collection of solved examples and exercises.

  • Table of Content

    PART 1 : Computer Fundamentals
    CHAPTER 1: Basics of Computer
    CHAPTER 2: Data Representation and Programming Fundamentals

    PART 2: Basics of C Programming
    CHAPTER 3: Data Types, Variables and Constants
    CHAPTER 4: Operators and Expressions
    CHAPTER 5: Decision Making and Looping Statements

    PART 3: Arrays, Pointers and Strings
    CHAPTER 6: Arrays and Pointers
    CHAPTER 7: Strings and Character Arrays

    PART 4: Functions
    CHAPTER 8: Functions

    PART 5: Structures and Unions
    CHAPTER 9: Structures and Unions
    CHAPTER 10: Storage Class and Preprocessor Directives

    Salient Features

    • Emphasis on the organization and placement of concepts in the chapters to enable effortless understanding of the subject.

    • Chapter organization designed to gradually diminish the level of abstraction and develop in-depth understanding.

    • An all-inclusive collection of about 1000 unique, relevant and conceptual questions. These questions have either been asked by the students during the courses on C programming or have been developed to cover each and every concept of the C programming language.

    • Programming examples appended with useful remarks that provide related inputs, where applicable.

    • Code snippets at the end of each chapter with output and explanation for student practice.

Author: Anita Goel
Publisher: Pearson India
ISBN-13: 9789332519343
Language: English
Binding: Paper Back
No. Of Pages: 720
Country of Origin: India
International Shipping: No

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