This book introduces you to the several concepts of data mining and their practical implementation. It is written for the students of Indian Universities. You can also use this book as a self study guide to learn the data mining technologies. The book is suitable for a wide range of audiences and provides illustrations, table, algorithms and examples to understand the concepts and theories of data mining. In addition, this book consists of real life case studies for implementing data mining in several fields. This book starts with the basic concept of data mining and covers advanced topics in data mining such as text, web and special data mining and also discusses implementing data mining concepts in real life situation using various software such as SQL Server 2000, Poly Analyst, Sinope Summarizer and click Tracks.

Table Of Contents:

Chapter 1 : Introduction to Data Mining

Chapter 2 : Data warehouse

Chapter 3 : Classification

Chapter 4 : Clustering

Chapter 5 : Association Rules

Chapter 6 : Text Mining

Chapter 7 : Web Mining

Chapter 8 : Special Data Mining

Chapter 9 : Multimedia Data Mining

Chapter 10 : Using SQL Server 2000 Analysis Services

Chapter 11 : Introduction to Poly Analyst

Chapter 12 : Data Mining in Market Analysis

Chapter 13 : Data Mining in Banking Industry

Chapter 14 : Case Study : Healthcare Analysis