Economics: A Very Short Introduction BY Partha Dasgupta (9780192853455)


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conomics has the capacity to offer us deep insights into some of the most formidable problems of life, and offer solutions to them too. Combining a global approach with examples from everyday life, Partha Dasgupta describes the lives of two children who live very different lives in different parts of the world: in the Mid-West USA and in Ethiopia. He compares the obstacles facing them, and the processes that shape their lives, their families, and their futures. He
shows how economics uncovers these processes, finds explanations for them, and how it forms policies and solutions.

Along the way, Dasgupta provides an intelligent and accessible introduction to key economic factors and concepts such as individual choices, national policies, e.

Author: Partha Dasgupta
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN-13: 9780192853455
Language: ENGLISH
Product Edition: 2021
No. Of Pages: 172
Country of Origin: INDIA
International Shipping: Yes

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