Let Us C++ BY.Yashavant Kanetkar (9789388176644)


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Most best-selling software including MS Office, Internet Explorer, Photoshop, AutoCAD, Google Earth, Firefox etc. are written in C++. So, for anyone who aspires to write good software, C++ has become thelanguage of choice. One has to know the concepts of Object-Oriented Programming and how to use them in C++, to make a mark in the programming world. Let Us C++ teaches you C++ in Yashavant Kanetkar’s inimitable style.You would find Let Us C++ easy, yet incredibly thorough. Every discussion is highlighted by clear, direct examples. It will not only serve as your tutorial, but it is likely to be the first thing that you would reach for when faced with a confusing issue.

What will you learn
Classes & Objects, Free Store Management, Stream I/O, References, Virtual Tables and vptr, Templates, Polymorphism, Namespaces, Exception Handling, Inheritance, Smart Pointers, STL

Who this book is for
Students, Programmers, researchers, and software developers who wish to learn the basics of C++ programming language.

Table of Contents
1. Intro to OOP
2. Graduating to C++
3. Functions
4. Classes and Objects
5. Class Intricacies
6. Inheritance
7. Polymorphism
8. Input/ Output in C++
9. Advanced Features of C++
10. Templates
11. Exception Handling
12. Standard Template Library

About the Author
Yashavant Kanetkar Through his books and Quest Video Courses on C, C++, Java, Python, Data Structures, .NET, IoT, etc. Yashavant Kanetkar has created, molded and groomed lacs of IT careers in the last three decades. Yashavant’s books and Quest videos have made a significant contribution in creating top-notch IT manpower in India and abroad.
Yashavant’s books are globally recognized and millions of students/professionals have benefitted from them. Yashavant’s books have been translated into Hindi, Gujarati, Japanese, Korean and Chinese languages. Many of his books are published in India, USA, Japan, Singapore, Korea and China.
Yashavant is a much sought after speaker in the IT field and has conducted seminars/workshops at TedEx, IITs, IIITs, NITs and global software companies.
Yashavant has been honored with the prestigious “Distinguished Alumnus Award” by IIT Kanpur for his entrepreneurial, professional and academic excellence. This award was given to top 50 alumni of IIT Kanpur who have made a significant contribution towards their profession and betterment of society in the last 50 years.

Author: Yashavant Kanetkar
Publisher: Yashavant Kanetkar
ISBN-13: 9.78939E+12
Language: ENGLISH
No. Of Pages: 348
Country of Origin: India

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