Operating Systems By.Gary Nutt (9788131723593)


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Operating Systems, Third Edition, has become a market leader by striking a balance between introducing the basic principles and putting examples from Linux, UNIX, and Windows into practice. The book promotes an understanding of contemporary operating system concepts and how they are applied today. This edition gives more breadth to the coverage of operating system principles and more opportunities for readers to see and work with real-world examples.

Table of Content

  1. Introduction
  2. Operating System Architecture
  3. Processes and Threads
  4. Scheduling
  5. Basic Synchronization Principles
  6. High-level Synchronization and Interprocess Communication
  7. Deadlock
  8. Basic Memory Management
  9. Basic Virtual Memory
  10. Device Management
  11. File Management
  12. Protection and Security
  13. Networks
  14. Distributed System Overview
  15. Distributed File Systems
  16. Distributed Programming Runtime Systems
  17. Design Strategies
  18. The Linux Kernel
  19. The Windows NT/2000/XP Kernel

    Salient Features

    • Uses the most common operating systems, including Linux, UNIX, and Windows
    • Contains overall design enhancements to facilitate students¡¦ understanding. This includes a further focus on principles and an expanded art program.
    • Contains more Labs! More exercises than in the previous edition are included to give students substantial hands-on experience with Linux, UNIX, and Windows
    • Is updated and enhanced with the latest information on:

Author: Gary Nutt
Publisher: Pearson Eduction
ISBN-13: 9788131723593
Language: English
Binding: Paper Back
Publishing Date: 28/09/2022
No. Of Pages: 856
Country of Origin: India
International Shipping: Yes

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