Spring 3 For Beginners (Book/CD-Rom) BY.VAISHALI (9789350236901)


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Designed for beginners and intermediatedevelopers, this book helps you come up to speed as quickly as possible withusing the Spring 3 framework. It delves deeply into the core of the Spring 3framework, providing a sound understanding of the components that make up theframework and the way they interact with each other.

This book uses an application-centric approach. The development of examplesdrives the Spring 3 exposure and not the other way around.

Finally, a web based project is developed to re-enforce all the learning thattook place throughout the book. This will definitely help developers to quicklyget started with building real-world Web applications using the Spring 3 framework.

Key Topics

  • Spring 3.1
  • Spring Security 3.1
  • Spring Web MVC
  • JDBC Templates
  • RESTful resources
  • MySQL 5.5
  • Hibernate 3
  • JPA
  • Transaction Management
  • Annotations
  • @AspectJ AOP
  • Classic AOP
  • Dependency Injection

What You’ll Learn?

  • Wire beans together within the Spring container
  • Configure and associate the application objects using dependency injection
  • Configure the Spring container and apply aspects to Springmanaged objects
  • Use Spring’s Web MVC framework to develop forms, validate form content and handle user requests
  • Use annotation-based programming model for MVC controllers
  • Use Java Database Connectivity templates to add, update, delete and extract data from the database
  • Use Spring’s declarative transaction management capabilities
  • Secure application using Spring’s Security module with minimal configuration
  • Write Spring MVC controllers that are RESTful and respond to requests to view or manipulate RESTful resources
  • Develop Web applications using Spring 3.1.1, Spring Security 3.1.0 and JPA

ISBN-13: 9.78935E+12
Language: ENGLISH
No. Of Pages: 575
Country of Origin: India

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