This book will be useful for students on a wide range of courses and it assumes no knowledge of programming and cover everything needed to write a large program.

  • Part One goes through all the main programming concepts carefully.
  • Part Two covers a variety of topics which students may find useful in their project work.
  • Part Three goes through the design and coding of a sample project.

Visual Basic .NET has introduced many changes to the language, and is now infused with the OOP (object-oriented programming) approach. Although it is possible to use the book without using the OOP approach covered in Chapters 17 and 18, many students will welcome the straightforward explanation of OOP concepts, the sample programs and the practice exercises. The concepts covered include:

  • Data encapsulation
  • Inheritance
  • Polymorphism

Table of Contents:

Part One -???????? Basic Topics

Chapter 1.???????? Introducing Visual Basic.Net

Chapter 2.???????? Working with Controls

Chapter 3.???????? Working with Data

Chapter 4.???????? Displaying and Formatting

Chapter 5.???????? Console Applications

Chapter 6.???????? Selection

Chapter 7.???????? Loops

Chapter 8.???????? Handling Strings, Dates and Time

Chapter 9.???????? Procedures

Chapter 10.?????? Arrays

Chapter 11.?????? Records

Chapter 12.?????? Files

Part Two -??????? Further Topics

Chapter 13.?????? Debugging and Error

Chapter 14.?????? Printing reports

Chapter 15??????? Databases: Retrieving Data

Chapter 16.?????? Databases : Updating Data

Chapter 17.?????? OOP : Classes and Objects

Chapter 18.?????? OOP :Inheritance and Polymorphism

Part Three -????? The Projects ?

Chapter 19.?????? Introduction and Analysis

Chapter 20.?????? Design, Forms, Reports, Files and Data Validation

Chapter 21.?????? Design and System Maintenance:Modular Structure

Chapter 22.?????? Coding :Forms, Standard Modules and Utilities

Chapter 23.?????? Coding :membership

Chapter 24.?????? Coding :Starting a Game

Chapter 25.?????? Coding :Finishing a Game

Chapter 26.?????? Appraisal